Luxardo Vision

Luxardo S.p.A. aims to pursue the intuition of its founder: manufacturing and trading the “Maraschino Originale” liqueur as well as other liqueurs, cultivating Marasca cherries and trading them and their derivatives, while implementing any initiative for their development in Italy and abroad.

The desire for growth and improvement is Luxardo main driver; these factors are complemented by a number of goals which constitute the foundations of our corporate philosophy: respect for traditions and product quality, a straightforward relationship with employees and customers, and constant attention to human and environmental values.

In this perspective, independence and family management are essential to the company, and every family member who is involved in the management is required to comply with these principles.

The Luxardo

In the current competitive scenario of the market, the image of a company increasingly relies on credentials of entrepreneurial consistency and credibility, not only towards customers, but generally towards all those involved in the business process.

The goal of the company is to remunerate the invested capital and to generate profit and wealth, but also to respect all the stakeholders, from customers to employees, from suppliers to the community and the surrounding environment.

Business activity is not limited to producing and selling in any market, but definitely consists in establishing and maintaining long-lasting and profitable relationships with a variety of stakeholders: as the rating of a company does not stem exclusively from the intersection of financial parameters, its credibility also derives from consistent management behavior.

These are the principles with which Luxardo aims to consolidate and further improve its image in target markets in Italy and abroad.