Luxardo, from 1947 to the present day

The reconstruction

The rest of the surviving family managed to escape to Italy, leaving behind all their belongings which were soon confiscated by the partisans; the company was nationalized. It appeared then that after more than a century of activity the Luxardo company was destined to disappear.

In 1947, however, the last surviving brother GIORGIO LUXARDO together with the young fifth generation NICOLÒ III had the courage and the vision to rebuild the distillery in Torreglia, a village beneath the Euganean Hills in the North-Eastern part of Italy.

Soon after the end of WWII with the help of the rest of the FIFTH GENERATION, and with a strong sense of family belonging, the company managed to rise again after the countless vicissitudes it had to face during the previous years. With the re-establishment of good relations with reliable agents and distributors, both in Italy and in export markets worldwide, different LUXARDO products were soon again on the top shelves of many bars.

In the early 1980’s thanks to the consolidation
of the existing markets and with the innovative
ideas brought by the young members of the SIXTH
GENERATION, came an era of consistant investments
on the plant in Torreglia which are still
undergoing today.

Traditional copper pot stills, aging vats, marasca
cherry orchards, warehouses and brand new
bottling lines are all pillars that distinguish the
Luxardo Distillery still today, as it was in the past.

One of the few European spirits company still owned by the same family, exporting its specialties in over 83 different countries, LUXARDO is a place where centuries old traditions meet cutting edge production methods. Today with the arrival of the seventh generation, three generations work together to continue GIROLAMO’S LEGACY.