Amaretto di Saschira
Amaretto di Saschira

Amaretto di Saschira is a classic refined liqueur, with a velvety taste and fragrant almond aroma packaged in a slim, elegant and modern bottle. This bottle won the international competition known as "Millennium Project 2000" having being created by Ady Ferner, a young German designer.
Amaretto di Saschira could be served neat, on the rocks, in coffee, in international cocktails. It is also very good with over vanilla ice-cream and on italian "panna cotta" dessert.

Amaretto: the Name
The name amaretto is a diminutive of the Italian amaro, meaning "bitter", indicating the distinctive flavor lent by the mandorla amara (the bitter almond) or the drupe kernel. However, the bitterness is not unpalatable, and their flavor is enhanced by sweeteners, and sometimes sweet almonds, in the final products. Therefore, the liqueur's name can be said to describe the taste as "a little bitter", and the plural, referring to the biscuits, suggests "little bitter things" or "things [that are] a little bitter".

Amaretto: the History
A family of Saronno, Italy, claims the title as the inventors of amaretto. They invented the amaretto cookies around 1786 for the King of the region. Then in 1851, they created the Amaretto Liqueur, which consisted of an infusion of their cookies with a little caramel for color.

Another legend from the Reina family tells of Amaretto being created by a widow who posed for Renaissance painter Bernardino Luini in 1525. The widow fell in love with the painter and made her Amaretto potion for him. Her original recipe has purportedly been handed down from generation to generation without change and is currently marketed as Amaretto Liqueur.

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